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Creating a Geo-Tagged Map to Boost Local SEO Search

(Step by Step Process by: Adrian Gaña)

Sample Geotagged Map (within 5 miles radius)

Click to see the Google Geotagged Map Sample


1: Go to https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/?hl=en

2. Click Create a new map

3. Put a name on the map.

4. Put a Title & Map Description (put the URL you will boost including some text for the description)

Note: On the Title, put your top 3 target keywords i.e.

SEO Melbourne | SEO Agency Melbourne | SEO Service


Proven and Trusted SEO Melbourne Agency and Google Adwords

Agency TopRankings, delivers superior rankings, traffic and

conversions in competitive industries. With sales leads

critical for your growth, our Unlimited Keyword

Campaigns are ‘game changing’, shifting the

focus away from SEO Packages to accelerate

your business against your competition.

5. Search for the exact address of the business office(of your website)

i.e “Level 5, 171 Collins Street Melbourne, VIC 3000”

Take Note: Make sure that the address is same as the address that you have on your Google My Business Page

6. Now You’ll see your center map point(see image below, the one with green pin marker will be your center)

7. Change the center map pin icon into something more appealing like for this one, I used a Home Icon

8. Rename the Layer i.e. “SEO Melbourne [Firm]”

9. Add at least 5 Images on the Center Point Address, then put a Title & Description & click Save.

10. Click Measure tool then draw a line from the center going to up to 5 miles(8kilometers) on any direction, except on the sea.

11. Draw a Circle by clicking the Draw a line tool on Map, then create at least 50+ location points on the circle line. Do not create a point on the sea. To draw a perfect circle within5 mile radius from the center of the map, you can plot it first on Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing tools that can draw a circle, then that will serve as your guide on where to point each locations on the circle line. like on the image below.

12. Then follow the guide and pinpoint the locations on the map using the add marker.

13. On each point, put the different LSI Keywords as Title (in order to find the LSI keywords, you can make use a paid account of Longtailpro.com or Google Search Suggestions which for free), then put the same description on each location points.

14. Create Directions from the outer layer points going to the center by using the direction tool.

15. Repeat the whole Process then make the circle wider like 10-mile radius from the center, then 15 miles so on and so forth until we cover most of the areas that we are targeting.

16. Put the link of the geotagged map on the Contact Us Page of your website or on Areas Serving Page.

17. Lastly & the most important of all, to maximize the efficiency of the map, create at least 1 short explainer video for each target keyword (with at least 1-2 minutes time duration and then upload them on youtube and put the URL of the custom geotagged map you created including the Center Point and the Zip Codes then put the website URL as well, then do some optimizations on the Title, Description & Meta Tags, & most important is the geolocation of the video.

see this sample below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzoeNftcB84


Making the speed of your site is one of the key factors in optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google has determined that site speed is one of the signals used an algorithm to rank the pages. Learning on how to maximise site speed will be one of the reasons for high rankings in search engines.

Site page is also significant to the user experience. If the website loads fast, users can expend (and share) more of the content. Preferably, this will increase your Search Engine Optimization and rankings, as Google will detect users engaging with your content.

In this day, seconds make a difference and an effect to a site. It can no longer enable and allow your site to be hindered by unoptimized images and files. The users anticipate that the site pages will load quickly, and they won’t stick around if they don’t. With that thought, this is one of the primary ways to optimize the website for the best possible performance.

Minimize the HTTP Request – HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol it is the underlying protocol used by the World Wide Web and this protocol determine how messages are transmitted and formatted, and what behavior browsers and Web Servers should take in response to different commands. HTTP Requests are counted at any time browser brings or fetches a record, picture from a web server or a page.

As indicated by Yahoo, these requests tend to take up around 80% of a Web page’s load time. The browser likewise limits request between 4-8 simultaneous connections per domain which means loading 30+ resources at once is not an option.

This indicates the more HTTP requests you need to load, the more it takes the page go and recover them all, expanding and increasing your web page’s load time.

There are many things for you to improve the speed of the site:

  • Look out your site’s load time utilizing Google’s free page speed tool
  • Avoid and stay away from sites with lots of JavaScript, flash and powerful items to load
  • Optimize the speed of the mobile because users expect even faster when they Google on the go
  • Keep in mind: It’s all about user experience and, in our day and age, the perception of online time and holding up is incredibly skewed.Make Website Fast


With the rising and growing technologies like smartphones and mobile device usage making your website mobile-friendly needs to be a critical and demanding part of your website strategy.

Traditional websites, even those built up and developed a couple of years ago, were not formatted for mobile-display, and don’t render well on the present modern devices. Although some corporations have been fast to respond or react by changing their organization websites to mobile-friendly format’s, numerous decision-makers are still not yet aware that this is a significant issue which can affect the bottom-line of their business.

With this, A mobile-friendly is a site that is intended and designed to display appropriately on smaller screens, such as iPhone or Android smartphones, or intermediate measured tablets. Standard desktop websites don’t render well on these devices, while a mobile-optimized site adjusts to the smaller screen size and formats the content and interface in a mobile-friendly manner, including:

  • Larger or bigger and more comfortable to read the text
  • Faster download speed
  • Mobile Friendly navigation
  • Page elements and Touch-friendly buttons

With the increasing and expanding number of visitors accessing your organization website on mobile devices, it is significant to ensure that majority of your visitors have a positive experience, regardless of what type of device they’re using to get there. If the websites take too long to download or aren’t easy to use on the mobile device, they may move along to a competitor. With a mobile-friendly website, it brings with certain vital advantages, including:

  • Improved the user experience
  • Increases the lead generation
  • Enhanced search visibility
  • Improved brand identityMAINTAIN MOBILE FRIENDLINESS


With this title, let’s define first what is an HTTPS. As indicated by Comodo (2018), Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent with your browser and the website that you are connected to. The letter ‘S’ at the end of the word HTTPS stands for ‘Secure.’ Means that all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

Since the key is security, HTTPS has been utilized for any site including secure data or information. It’s used for e-commerce sites to delicate protected transactions. HTTPS is recognized and used as a Search Engine Optimization benefit to your secure site. In 2014, Google announced that HTTPS would be a factor for high rankings.

With the growth of modern technologies, Mobile is changing the world. At present, everyone has smartphones with them, communicating and seeking information. With numerous countries, the number of smartphones has exceeded the number of personal computers; having a mobile-friendly website has become a critical part of having an online presence.

At present, the rankings of your site will hardly change when you activate it to HTTPS. In any case, it’s not just about rankings as much as it is about user experience and gaining trust with the future customers or users. It’s necessary that we are moving to an all-HTTPS web. It is, in this way, unbelievably crucial that the site does the switch to HTTPS in the coming year.

A couple of years ago, switching to HTTPS was the major endeavor. Some big sites held up a long time to do it since it came with several challenges, like speed issues and the cost/benefit issues. Nowadays, while still challenging, it’s manageable. In case you want to switch to HTTPS, be sure to make a checklist, so you bear in mind anything during the process.

For the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Advantages of switching to HTTPS, there is some additional benefit for you to reconsider:

  • Increased Rankings
  • Referral Data
  • Security and PrivacySWITCH YOUR WEBSITE HTTPS


Keywords are the establishment of an SEO campaign and are at the center of each SEO decision that is made. When directing keyword research, the most significant things to check out on when selecting keywords are the search volume and relevancy. For a small company or business or one that is merely getting a website up and running, it’s not advisable to go after high search volume since it will take years even to begin to see any traction.

Your best bet is to target or focus on keywords around/somewhere in the middle, that have search volume but aren’t as competitive. These keywords could be the long tail of keywords.

HTTPS will make your site more secure, and Google is increasing up advocacy and signal weight for it. Sites with SSL is way better than traditional ones as nobody can alter or adapt anything between server and user. As usual, most of your decision ought to be based not on chasing algorithm changes, but rather on optimizing the needs and requirements of your business and improving your user experience.

So now, what is a long tail keyword?

Long tail keywords are defined as “descriptive terms that contain more than 2-3 words”. Long tail keywords account for 70-90% of all organic traffic, and the more traffic you get from long tail keywords, the more stable your traffic will be.

But, what is the big deal with long tail keywords anyway?

Long tail keywords are those terms that only get a small volume of search traffic, but in aggregate will add up to a vast amount. Below is an illustration that might help you visualize what long tail keywords are:

You should focus on long tail keywords rather than big (broad) keywords when you execute an SEO campaign. You ask why? These are the following reasons:

  • Better website ranking using your main target keywords
  • There will be less competition
  • It will keep things just natural
  • And, helps you connect with your audience.USE LONG TAIL KEYWORDS IN YOUR SEO STRATEGY


Curious what the big deal is with building links to your website? Let’s start off by knowing what the meaning of link building is.

Link building is the process of getting different websites to link back to your websites. All business owners and marketers ought to be interested in building links to drive referral traffic and expand or increase site’s authority. When Google started, their approach for ranking websites in a search was primarily based around the number of links a web page had. The basic concept was that the more links a web page had, the more likely that webpage was to have good and appropriate content.

Why do you have to build links? Google algorithms are always evolving and complicated, but backlinks remain a significant factor in how every search engine figures out which sites rank for which keywords. Building links are one of the numerous strategies used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because links are a signal to Google that the site is a quality asset worthy of citation. In this manner, sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher ranking factor.

Primarily, the popularity of a website is determined by the number of inbound links. Inbound links are the hyperlink back to your site from another Website.

One of the significant factors in determining your Google Page Rank (PR) is the number of your inbound links from quality websites.

Effective and efficient link building does not mean unlimited building links, it means getting real and genuine links from reliable websites.

Link building is one of the significant parts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and I’m about to showcase some of the benefits of link building for your website.

Here are some of the benefits of link building:

  • Receive traffic from the other websites linked to you.
  • It will produce more visibility of your website in search results.
  • Building links also help in getting indexed in search results rapidly.
  • Building links can increase brand exposure.
  • Even though there are still numerous other strategies that people follow, if you have a niche site, it is always advised to make a proper plan for link building.LINK BUILDING: KEEP QUALITY IN MIND, NOT QUANTITY


The search industry is continually buzzing about how social media can influence or have an impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Social Media SEO indicates how social media activities can boost your website’s organic traffic through search engines. It’s a subject matter that never gets old. The reason is simple: Social media is significant for SEO in more than one way. It not only makes your SEO activities efficient and effective but rather it can also be lucrative. Indeed, social media and SEO may appear to be different, yet there’s more likely that they help each other.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is tied in about gaining more visibility and getting more individual to visit your website naturally. Social Media Marketing, on the other hand, is about benefitting as much as possible from social networks and getting found on them by the right people. They both may appear to look different yet have overlapping goals. Essentially, they work together. This is the reason why search engines are becoming more social, and social networks are turning into valuable search engines.

An effective and efficient social media strategy needs to have a solid SEO plan in place because both go hand in hand. Let’s see the valid reasons why you should focus your efforts on social media if you want to enhance and improve your SEO results.

Social Media content gets indexed.
Social Media helps build authority.
Social Media involves real people.

Building or working out a social media strategy can undoubtedly influence SEO and enhance your search engine rankings, helping you gain authority as an organization or company, yet it must be executed appropriately and accurately to be successful.

You’ll need to get involved on the basic sites, and Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is a top priority. However, you don’t just build a profile instead use this opportunity to connect with your clients! To begin with, I suggest you to:

  1. Optimized and upgrade your social media profiles using keywords in your “About” section area and linking back to the services on your website.
  2. Ensure you have precise and consistent contact information on all the social media websites.
  3. Respond and react to any negative reviews or complaints your clients make on the sites.
  4. In either way of what the future holds, it’s precisely clear that social media can, in fact, help SEO efforts.
  5. Social Media offers numerous long-term benefits. It is one of the best ways to promote and develop content and be found online which is what SEO is all about.CREATE A STRONG PRESENCE ON SOCIAL MEDIA


Sitemaps are a necessity for SEO. Do you want to know why? Let’s start by defining what a sitemap is.

A sitemap is a model of a website’s content and characterized as a basic directory or guide that holds information alongside different details on web pages that are contained on a site, in addition to the content on the pages.

Search Engines will carry out their job in crawling a sitemap to find and distinguish all information that is appropriate to a specific search query that has been performed. The pages inside the directory are listed in a logical hierarchical order, where the most relevant pages will be listed at the top, and the least significant pages will be placed closer to the bottom.

A sitemap plays a vital part of any website, and even though making one from scratch will take time, it can be treated as an investment. Aside from it being significant to have a website, you should be taking time to optimize it as well as can be expected. If the spiders can’t crawl the site, it won’t get indexed, and the content won’t get ranked in search engines results pages. If it does not rank within a search results page, it is probably not be visited by users. With this result, it will not generate revenue, traffic or advertising.

The sitemap is one of the rare things in SEO that Google has given big thumbs up to.

So, which websites need a sitemap? In “the following criteria,” Google demands that sitemaps are helpful for:

  • New sites
  • Large websites
  • Websites that have a lot of content that is not well linked
  • Websites with rich media content
  • It is clear from the above that majority of sites should have a sitemap.

Using a sitemap, it will ease Google’s crawl. With regards to enhance your rankings, an XML sitemap can be a right partner. It causes Google to understand your website structure while crawling it easily. Sitemaps are referred to as URL inclusion protocols as they tell search engines what to crawl. With plugins like Google XML Sitemap, it is not difficult to set this up.INSTALL A SITE MAP PAGE


As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes, the ideal approach to rank well is with high-quality content. Not just a high-quality, instead of in-depth, high-quality content. In any case, what is quality material and how do you make it?

Content isn’t just a blog post or Web page that you post to your site. It is the information or data you give/submit to search engines to be given to searchers. With that, quality content is anything that Google decides is worth sharing. It is the real answers to real people’s questions and inquiries.

There are some tips on how to make your site credible, engaging and useful. Nonetheless, when it comes to a high-quality or more valuable, Google essentially says, “be more valuable or high-quality.”

As you start or begin creating content, you must make sure that the website is:

  • Informative and useful
  • More valuable and valuable than other sites
  • Credible
  • High-quality
  • Engaging

But when you start creating quality content, you must be aware that there is a challenge for making the content, quality. And here a few things you need to keep in mind to reach that goal:

  1. QUALITY IS A SUBJECTIVE GOAL – Who truly knows what it is until the point that you hit it? Is it short, long, witty, serious? It could be any of the above. It could be none of them. So, a significant piece of your content strategy must be defining this word for the brand.
  2. HIGHER QUALITY CONTENT REQUIRES A BIGGER INVESTMENT – For having a higher quality, you’ll have to invest or provide better graphic artists and better writers. And, need help for programming to create interactive content.
  3. QUALITY IMPLIES TRUST – That is the reason why Google shares stuff that they see other individuals sharing. They understand that as a vote of certainty, a tick mark on the quality scoreboard. So, while you’re assembling or building the quality of your content, it’s vital to put energy into making trust too.

Remember that quality content leads to higher conversion and ranking. Having an attractive text, words, phrases or content will also result in higher conversions of the website. If the people or the audience appropriately understand the message or content, chances are much high for them to return to your site.

Another thing that promotes a beautiful content is adding colors on each post you created by using images or color combinations on your website design, here is the chart that will help you choose the best colors for your website/content.

Color Associations


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is out and has been conjectured to have two advantages or benefits for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), One is it will have a “Fast” or “Quick” label designation on search engine result pages, and the other one is it will be a ranking factor.

Let us define first what is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is an open-source coding standard for publishers to have the capacity to load their sites rapidly or quickly on mobile responsive could be inconvenient and moderate because desktop resources are bounty and plenty. In case we are honest with ourselves, most of the elements of a desktop website are unnecessary for a mobile site.

Let’s look at what some of the advantages. AMPs can offer you in the context of Search Engine Optimization and beyond it are:

SPEED – Accelerated Mobile Pages load about twice as quick as an equivalent mobile page and have just one-tenth the latency. That is an enormous speed advantage over traditional site pages. That increased and expanded speed will give you a couple of distinct benefits: clients and customers will have the capacity to get your content faster, and your visitors will probably experience a purchase or checkout process since they know it will go rapidly and smoothly.
ENGAGEMENT – AMPs likewise give you more chances or opportunities to connect with your visitors. Visitors on an AMP will probably interact with any features you offer, including, buttons, forms, videos, links and even online shopping because your site will look sleeker and provide greater usefulness.
VISIBILITY – Also, Accelerated Mobile Pages give your site a boost in visibility. As of now, having a page with AMP protocols doesn’t expand or increase your page authority or domain authority; however, it makes that page qualified for the AMP carousel that rests above typical search results.
Overall, Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) is an effective and efficient way to increase the search visibility, possibly secure more conversions from the traffic you receive, and it will also give your visitors a better and pleasant impression of your brand.AMP


What is Guest Posting? Guest Posting or also known as Guest Blogging is one of the techniques that are effective in SEO. It is the act of contributing a post to someone else’s blog to build a relationship, advertisement, and links that could help boost the website. In return, external backlinks to your blog and a lot of exposure will be given to you.

Why is Guest Posting effective?

Guest Posting is about making a connection to other user and bloggers, these bloggers are influential people, and they play a big part on the internet, and through this, you might expand your influence in the social media world. For example, you posted on someone’s blog which is popular, and your post is quite good, it will be an advantage to you as you can be fashionable as well. Guest posting links also act as a source of referral traffic. This can increase social followers and authority.

Blogging as a guest is a great way to increase the traffic and rank of your site when people are searching in Google because of the backlinks that are on your site from the blog you are showing up on. Google monitors what people are interested about, and if it sees that people are likely to visit and are interested in your site, the individuals commenting, sharing, liking or linking to your blog can help your blog move up in Google’s PageRank, this will give you a lot of advantage in terms of ranking, traffic, and relevant topics when someone searches in Google.

When doing guest posting consider including related internal backlinks to one of their previous blog posts within your guest post This can increase the traffic for your site.

Promoting your guest blog post on your own social media accounts and blog is an excellent and effective way of generating more traffic back to your guest and their site. It could also be used to share the content of your post and appreciate them for publishing your post.

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging is an effective and safe way to create communication and relationship as well as to increase traffic and ranking of your site. Plus, it will make you gain a new audience for the content of your blogs.GUEST POSTS


Engaging with your users (visitors, audience members, customers or whichever term you prefer) is essential if you want to increase or wish to have a higher ranking in SEO. Individuals wish to speak their minds and say something regarding subjects they feel passionately about, so building a community with your site is an extraordinary way to start a conversation and increase the traffic to your website. With this, user engagement is significant in the visibility of search engines.

Engagement is all about maximizing or boosting the value of your audience, increasing the recurrence they return to the site, and the tendency to tell their companions and friends. Plain and simple. Through this, you need to be creating value for as many visitors or audience as possible.

With that, for you to quickly have an engagement with your site, connect it to all social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This must serve as your key to have a high engagement with your users especially now that people are involved through social media networks.

Having a website that is connected through social media networks can boost your user engagement. But you should have an outstanding content of your site to attract the audience with your website.

Engaging your visitors using content promotion strategy.

There are some ways, and tips for you in getting engagement with your users, or audience quickly and easily with the content of your site:

  1. The content must be Fresh and should be updated regularly
  2. Content must be Targeted, and it should be aimed at your audience
  3. The content must be Valuable so that it will be useful to your audience
  4. The content must be Concise, that should be clear and straightforward

But how can you be so sure if your content is making an engagement? Here are the possible reasons:

  1. Is your content liked and shared by the audience or readers on their social media networks?
  2. Do visitors frequently comment on your posts?
  3. Do audience or visitors to your website typically visit other pages, or quickly bounce out from the page they arrived at?FOSTER ENGAGEMENT ON YOUR WEBSITE

In the age of modern and fast-paced technology, taking your business online has been crucial.

However, just going online is not enough to grab the attention of your target audience.

First of all, even if you maintain all sorts of professionalism in your business website, it would remain incomplete because there is no better way of consistently getting organic traffic to your website apart from SEO and will push way better if advanced SEO techniques and strategies are implemented tactically.

Wondering what those tactics are?

Seems like Yes if you got into this page.

Today, you are going to know some of the best SEO techniques that will help improve your website’s optimization (and traffic) remarkably.

Are you ready to grow more of your website traffic from Google?

Let’s begin!

1). Make Your Site Super-Fast

One of the most vital factors of website strength is the site speed.

In fact, load time is significant for both search engines and end-users. A website improves customer experience and the view of your company in more ways than one, all of which help improve SEO and conversions.

Always keep in mind that a fast website always converts better.

Web users don’t have that much patience to wait for websites, that take too much time to load.

As a marketer, put yourself in the customers’ shoes and think about it:

How long will you linger over a slow-loading site?

Of course, not for long!

Most of all without speed, there is nothing.

So, here’s the deal:

Optimize the formats and responsive sizes of the media that you have uploaded to your website and eliminate loose links and pointless data that slowing down the page loading time.

Remember: IT’S A RACE.

And most importantly, Google has publicly confirmed that website loading speed is one of the major ranking factors that Google uses.

One of the tools that will check your website loading speed is the: GTMETRIX

CHECK IT: https://gtmetrix.com/

GTMETRIX is a tool that analyzes your site’s speed and makes it faster. It gives you insight on how well your site loads.


2). Maintain Mobile Friendliness

A mobile-friendly website is the one that is described to work with mobile devices. There’s this what you call “responsive” website. This means that it can across way over devices

Have you ever asked yourself: “Do I need a mobile-friendly website?”

The truth is, a major section of the online customers is surfing the internet through their smartphones.

Google created a program algorithm in the year 2015, in which it shows all sites, that are responsive in

nature, will be prioritized and will rank higher in mobile search results. They have given clear guidelines about how to make a website mobile friendly.

Use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool by Google to see if pages on your site are mobile-friendly or not.

For example:

So, what are you waiting for?

Check and make your website mobile friendly today!

3). Switch your website https

If one were to describe the internet, adjectives like ‘private’ and ‘confidential’ probably would hardly crop up. To this date, there are many internet activities missed out on because people are cautious of their personal information and don’t trust the internet as a secure and private medium.

Changing your site from HTTP to https will secure the connection with the user and protect their details.

During online transactions or filling up E-commerce forms, everything would remain safe through https only. Also, Google gives a ranking boost to secure hyperlink transfer protocols.

Do you really want to miss out on that?

Make your business website secure right now.


4). Use Long tail keywords in your SEO Strategy

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to a point-of-purchase or when they’re using voice search.

Approximately, long tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion rate.

The more specific your keyword is, the less competition you will have to face.

If you just started your SEO campaign for a new website, then you should focus on long-tail keywords.


The fact is this:

A new website doesn’t have that much of authority to compete with big branded websites.

It is much easier to rank for long tail keywords than for more common keywords. Another asset for focusing on long tail keywords is that, although these keywords are used less in search, the visitor that finds the website using them is much likely to buy your service or product.

With that, having long-tail keywords will get search engine traffic faster… and eventually, rank the page for more than one term.

5). Link Building: Keep Quality in Mind, Not Quantity

If you have a website and want to gain traffic from search, you need to consistently secure good links from related websites. That means link building.

Image result for LINK BUILDING

Link building is an important part of SEO services. Without the links, websites will not rank in competitive search queries.

A senior search quality strategist at Google recently revealed that “Backlink” is one of the top 3 ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm.

Look what Google is saying about the role of backlinks:


What is quality backlink?

A link from the relevant and high-quality website is considered as a quality link.

For example:

Your blog post is about SEO tips. And then, your corresponding blog post will need backlinks from other SEO blogs.

You can create and build links from Social Media Marketing or content marketing blogs because these are (Digital Marketing or Content marketing, SEO) closely related topics.

Further, you can’t build links from fashion style related blogs or articles for your SEO tips article. Those will be irrelevant ones.

The fact is this:

The higher in which it is applied to the original content and backlink content, the greater becomes the quality of the backlinks.

In addition, you must know by now that buying hundreds of links back to your website is a trick that no longer works.

The thought of the approach of the search engine users will help you generate better and improved links with proper keywords, instead of having to resort to cheap antics like buying fake links that redirect people all over the net.

Don’t irritate the user. Help them.

Simple and self-explanatory links will do just that and won’t even cause you to be banned from the Search Engines.

Beware of Google Penguin algorithm. It punishes websites that build low quality and irrelevant backlinks to their website.

Bottom line:

If you want more organic traffic for your website, quality link building is a must. If you want to know how much will cost you, Take a look at the latest SEO pricing here!

6). Make a strong presence on Social Media

The after-effects of social media on SEO has, and probably always will be, one of the most talked about topics in the search industry. Precisely, whether social media really helps your SEO efforts.

So, does it?

The answer is, yes.

Social media is HUGE. A single post showing up on someone’s timeline can interest the user to click it. Furthermore, they comment, share, re-post, and contribute till they ensure that the people they care about have read those articles.

Using social media, your marketing content can be shared more and more. This would make the content reach more people within short span of time.

The more you can attract, the more chances are there that your services would get exposed to the wider audience, resulting in increased follower base.

Bottom line:

Share effective content on your social channels for it to grow your follower base. Thus, it will organize your SEO strategies with the increase in social media sharing.

Social media can boost more external sites to link back to your quality content. The more relevant external links you have, the more recognition you’ll achieve in Google search engines.

Just check out on social media, it is the door to the home for many internet users and engages a vast potential market for optimization. Post and let your articles thrive on social media.

7). Include a sitemap page

To help you understand what a Site Map is, it is an XML file that is full of your individual webpage’s URLs. It is like an archive of every webpage in your website.

Search engines should see all the corresponding pages that you want them to see. The more pages that they will index from you, the more trust will your site gains. It only means that your website has more information to offer.

Search engine spiders make sure that it will get to crawl all the stuff they need to crawl from your website is exactly the purpose of a Sitemap. In addition, Sitemap is not for internal linking, nor navigation. It’s for the search engine spiders.

It won’t greatly boost your on-site SEO, but it would definitely help.

Tips for Keeps: Get your own Sitemap if you don’t already have one. It’s easy and it’s necessary.


8). Produce In-Depth High-Quality Content

Establishing the right kind of content is not like composing a music track: it’s not very prone that you will become a one-hit-wonder with just one post.

Including the Professional SEO companies/association never limit their knowledge to just optimizing, they create high-quality content as well.

Write. Contribute. Research. Offer.

Retain and keep posting articles that you have written with passion and love for the subject and that will help others too.

What is Search Engine Optimization anyway, if it does not involve quality?

Be smart. Write well.

Google loves fresh quality content.


If you find it difficult to select great and relevant topics for your next blog post, you don’t have to worry.

There are two tools that will help you find an awesome content idea. Google News and Buzzsumo.

For example:

Go to Buzzsumo, select the Past year from the left sidebar, enter a vast or wide topic and then click on the search button.

Buzzsumo will display the frequently shared content in last year like this:

These are the best-performing articles in the last one year.

Moreover, you can also use the Google News for latest and fresh new content ideas.

Here is how:

Easy, right?

9). Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

For you to understand this, let’s define first what is an AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is an open-source coding standard for publishers.

The aim for AMP is for publishers to be able to load their sites quickly on mobile since mobile responsive could be clunky and slow because desktop resources are heavy and plenty.


It’s no secret that we are moving to a mobile-first world. Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are an open source framework for creating lightning fast mobile pages. Paris Childress, CEO at Hop Online, mentioned how he is starting to see the expansion of AMP pages from mostly just article pages, to more complex pages like forms and e-commerce pages.

There are a variety of reasons more and more website owners are adopting AMP, but here are the two big ones for marketers:

  • AMP enhances the mobile experience which improves on-site metrics like bounce rate
  • Google go for sites that load fast and quick and tends to rank faster loading sites higher in the SERPs

To learn more about AMP check out the following resources:

10). Guest Posting

Are you familiar with Guest posting?

If not, let’s see what its definition is.

Guest Posting is the practice of providing a post to another person’s blog to build relationships, authority, exposures, and links.

Links are a vital ranking factor in Google, and in SEO guest blogging offers a strong opportunity to secure a link back from another website, in addition to the other marketing considerations.

Guest posting provides a relationship within the blogger that hosts your corresponding post, helps you provide authority among the audiences, and taps into their audience for additional exposure,

Guest blogging is still very efficient so long as you create high-quality content that is original and not repetitive. Offer to write a post for a popular blog or request a renowned blogger to write a post for your website. Don’t be tempted to pay for links. Remember that it’s the quality that matters rather than the quantity.

11). Foster Engagement on your Website

Establishing a foster engagement to your user with your website is not so difficult. Because there are plenty of ways to foster engagement, but they all come from making a deep, broad and significant connection a real relationship. Engagement comes from loyalty and a love for the brand. If you curved your customers into the things you’re doing, you’re way more likely to see increased engagement.

1. Feature Them on Your Site

Showing customers on your site is a great way to feature the love for your customers. Just remember, make the feature about them, not about you (stuffy!).

  • Create a delighted customers page where you can show off your customers and their businesses.
  • Invite them to guest post on your blog. You will be inspired by how much your customers will appreciate this and the opportunity to reach a new audience.
  • Show off their reviews. If users write optimistic and life-learning things on your Facebook wall or sending a praise Tweets, find a way to feature and highlight them and share them on your site.

     2. Include them in Stuff You’re Already Doing

    We pitch the press all the time, but sometimes we see opportunities and press leads that are much better suited for customers, so we’ll going to pitch them (with their permission!) instead.

If the pages have a strong user engagement, Google is expected to reward you with a higher ranking. The search engines assume is that when users spend more time on a page, it’s likely to have useful information.


Therefore SEO is rapidly fast-changing from one year to the next, even from one month to the next. You must remind them of focusing a solid content creation and engage your viewers deeply, and stay abreast of seo trends like backlinks, site speed, and keyword content. It is necessary to acknowledge that there is simply no secret formula or shortcut to improving your rankings. You need to put in a smart effort and then be patient to start seeing the positive results.

The internet boomed on the late 90’s and as an entrepreneur, you want to get ahead of the competition. It’s never wrong to prepare and strategize early, so you need to be mindful and well informed on how the search engines are constantly changing.

7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 - adriangana.com

7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 – adriangana.com

In the SEO industry, it’s essential to know the current and the upcoming trend to dominate this competitive industry. To make this trouble-free, we’ve come up with 7 of the hottest trend this 2018 that you need to look out for and get ahead of the game.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    On October of 2016 first time in history, 51.3% of the world used their mobile gadgets compared to the 48.7% who used the traditional computing platforms. In this age of modern technology, most of the people are on the go so the thought of placing these in the hands of a webmaster gives them the versatility of creating pages that can load faster than regular pages on mobile devices while using fewer data would be great!

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 - adriangana.com

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 – adriangana.com

Google is starting to favor sites that use AMP, it may not be a ranking factor, however, it will save time by loading the pages instantly, retain visitors to a remarkable boost in traffic and has a huge impact on the site’s visibility which in turn will improve your website up the Google result.

  1. Content Value Promotion

    Would you read the same boring rephrased message over and over again? For the past few years, writers tend to choose quantity over quality and adding multiple keywords in the content. This coming year the market is mainly focusing on the value of the information that your site provides.

In the digital age, businesses need to interact and engage their chosen market so the need to produce an original high-quality article is a must.  So start to concentrate on providing a fair amount of article with the juiciest information that will attract your reader’s interests.

7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 - adriangana.com

7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 – adriangana.com



  1. Video Sharing

    If a photo says a thousand words, how many millions of words can a video say to you? With video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and a lot more, you can easily increase the visitor in your site by communicating and interacting with them through the fruitful visual and quality content. Making and sharing videos can give a deeper meaning to the message that you are sending to your visitor and this will be your advantage so to speak.

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 - adriangana.com

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 – adriangana.com


  1. Brand Personalization

    A brand is more than the face of your business, It is the representative or the business itself. So why not make it unique and personal, build a branding that rings a bell every time someone sees it or hear it? This is a risk that you need to take since the algorithms change every now and then, nonetheless, this will open opportunities to collaborate with other businesses or organizations and shoot your branding up, so strategize well buddy.

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 - adriangana.com

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 – adriangana.com


  1. Search Engine Experience

    Optimize searches would be the trend this 2018, just for a fact Google is leaning towards website’s who offers an extraordinary user experience that provides the best answer by using long phrases. SEO’s that have this technology and technique help make your website user-friendly, fast, exceeds expectation and give you the best search results. Just a tip, you can also need to think outside of your website and expand your market. This is the web and everything links to one another.

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 - adriangana.com

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 – adriangana.com


  1. Voice Search through Digital Assistants

    This trend interjects with search optimization. A lot of people are accessing the web through online commands, with the help of tools like Siri for Apple, Google Now for Android users and now we have Cortana for Windows phones. Digital assistants help us in many ways, this year we experience an increase in refinement and diversification of these useful attributes. Next year a huge step will be taken and a number of this contender is set to grow, an open door to new types of search and interactive queries. How to make an article? What are the top SEO websites? Where is the best steakhouse in New York? These are sample searches that your digital assistant is willing to help you out. I’m looking forward to meeting Jarvis in the future and I hope Tony Stark doesn’t mind.

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 - adriangana.com

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 – adriangana.com


  1. High Quality Backlinks

    This coming 2018 it is still going to have a great significance in rankings on search engine pages. Despite different factors that you need to take in for considerations, building backlinks are still well connected to the SEO industry. To maximize the power of backlinks you need to strategize ahead and make a solid game plan, your links should be fresh and looks natural, since good quality can add value to visitors experience to present Google that you are not a link farm but a trustworthy website. You need to be sure that all links connected to you are dependable and valuable, an effective SEO website requires to be up to date with the latest trend with Google and the likes. As a webmaster, having awesome articles connected to this page, like this one, has a good possibility to become viral. So webmaster, is your site ready to take the top position in the Google results?

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 - adriangana.com

    7 SEO trends to look out this 2018 – adriangana.com

We’ve just shown to you the 7 SEO trends to check this coming year, however, don’t restrict yourself on looking for other trends that might work for you so always prepare for changes. Nevertheless, this is a good place to start. If you would like to find out the Best SEO guy in Brisbane, just let us know and we will be glad to assist you anytime.

If you run an online business, you need to ask yourself first on how to increase my website traffic. It could also be a great help to new visitors hooked up to your website and holds current subscriber with the content for some viral marketing. So you have to come up with some promotion strategy to help them find your website. This gives good impressions and enables your website to work for you.


1. Publishing the Content on Google

CONTENT PROMOTION STRATEGY TO INCREASE YOUR TRAFFICGoogle is one of the uses known search engines to look up for a specific keyword. If you want your content to be one of the most searched you must create a way to promote it. By socially promoting your website to Google which was commonly used now as a search tool, it could lead you to entertain more visitors to your website. By doing marketing strategies, with the use of SEO and SEO Services, it will give you the idea that digital marketing could be helpful by sharing valuable information to newly attracted visitors of your website. Obviously, advertising your best content would be very helpful to increase your website’s traffic. By doing so, you just have to make sure that pay attention to what is new and very essential. Do write irresistible headlines to catch the subscriber’s attention.

2. Classic Top Lines

CONTENT PROMOTION STRATEGY TO INCREASE YOUR TRAFFICHeadlines of your website are always the first thing a subscriber will be looking at. Coming up with appealing top lines on your website will give a subscriber great impressions with you helping them to find the keyword they are up to. And doing so services on the side will help increase your traffic. Search engine optimization can contribute a lot with your keyword used on the top line. First thing subscriber will look for or read would be the headline of your page. You have to ensure that the headlines used to your page should be in the bold graphic so that can easily catch one’s attention to get your page clicked and from there you earn money already directed to your website.

3. Relevant keyword used

CONTENT PROMOTION STRATEGY TO INCREASE YOUR TRAFFICResearchers nowadays, tend to use a specific keyword to search and get the right content linking your website from Google. There is always traffic from Google, with links or without but SEO helps. It should simultaneously attract new visitors to get to your website with the help of digital marketing. Viral Marketing also unifies researchers to get to adapt to what is in. People nowadays, will only key in the exact keyword or sometimes phrase that they are looking for with the help of search engine optimization. Every phrase, keyword, constructive sentences should be relevant to what you have posted on your website.

4. Develop Organic Traffic

CONTENT PROMOTION STRATEGY TO INCREASE YOUR TRAFFICTo have best results in increasing your traffic, you have to religiously do viral marketing towards a subscriber. You must have leads in improving your back links with the help of SEO and SEO services.

5. To have a targeted subscriber

CONTENT PROMOTION STRATEGY TO INCREASE YOUR TRAFFICSocial media is now a very common tool for searching important keyword. With the help of search engine optimization and SEO services, it can get your website to be on top of the rank published even getting a traffic. Social media advertising displays and helps build your rank to increase more of conversion.

6. Fast and Responsive Website

CONTENT PROMOTION STRATEGY TO INCREASE YOUR TRAFFICCommonly, those researchers are into sites that they can easily access and get answers to. Some sites will eat much of their time focusing on just one specific keyword. With the use of SEO services and SEO Company can help you increase your website’s traffic. Just make sure that the content should be easier to look at too, will not take you minutes for your page to load up. Content must leave good impressions to readers and subscriber.

7. Page Content trade from another website


One of a great way in SEO and digital marketing can give a subscriber the impressions from the content of your page a great impact when looking or searching for a keyword. Viral Marketing can also reach out to some auditors, bloggers or writers to seemingly like to swap or do a trade with you and your page.

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