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Local SEO Google Geotagged Map

17 Steps To Rank Your Website Instantly on Google Map

Creating a Geo-Tagged Map to Boost Local SEO Search

(Step by Step Process by: Adrian Gaña)

Sample Geotagged Map (within 5 miles radius)

Click to see the Google Geotagged Map Sample


1: Go to https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/?hl=en

2. Click Create a new map

3. Put a name on the map.

4. Put a Title & Map Description (put the URL you will boost including some text for the description)

Note: On the Title, put your top 3 target keywords i.e.

SEO Melbourne | SEO Agency Melbourne | SEO Service


Proven and Trusted SEO Melbourne Agency and Google Adwords

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conversions in competitive industries. With sales leads

critical for your growth, our Unlimited Keyword

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your business against your competition.

5. Search for the exact address of the business office(of your website)

i.e “Level 5, 171 Collins Street Melbourne, VIC 3000”

Take Note: Make sure that the address is same as the address that you have on your Google My Business Page

6. Now You’ll see your center map point(see image below, the one with green pin marker will be your center)

7. Change the center map pin icon into something more appealing like for this one, I used a Home Icon

8. Rename the Layer i.e. “SEO Melbourne [Firm]”

9. Add at least 5 Images on the Center Point Address, then put a Title & Description & click Save.

10. Click Measure tool then draw a line from the center going to up to 5 miles(8kilometers) on any direction, except on the sea.

11. Draw a Circle by clicking the Draw a line tool on Map, then create at least 50+ location points on the circle line. Do not create a point on the sea. To draw a perfect circle within5 mile radius from the center of the map, you can plot it first on Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing tools that can draw a circle, then that will serve as your guide on where to point each locations on the circle line. like on the image below.

12. Then follow the guide and pinpoint the locations on the map using the add marker.

13. On each point, put the different LSI Keywords as Title (in order to find the LSI keywords, you can make use a paid account of Longtailpro.com or Google Search Suggestions which for free), then put the same description on each location points.

14. Create Directions from the outer layer points going to the center by using the direction tool.

15. Repeat the whole Process then make the circle wider like 10-mile radius from the center, then 15 miles so on and so forth until we cover most of the areas that we are targeting.

16. Put the link of the geotagged map on the Contact Us Page of your website or on Areas Serving Page.

17. Lastly & the most important of all, to maximize the efficiency of the map, create at least 1 short explainer video for each target keyword (with at least 1-2 minutes time duration and then upload them on youtube and put the URL of the custom geotagged map you created including the Center Point and the Zip Codes then put the website URL as well, then do some optimizations on the Title, Description & Meta Tags, & most important is the geolocation of the video.

see this sample below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzoeNftcB84

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