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Guest Posting

Get Listed on 300+ Do-Follow High DA Trust-Flow Guest Posts via PR


Have you ever been building links to your site and the rankings just seem stuck for a long period of time even you are building a lot of backlinks going to your site?

Plus you’ve got a handful of “good links” to the site but you’re scratching your head wondering why that keyword STILL isn’t moving?

We saw it many times and most of the time on some of our clients now.

Did you know that the solution to this stuck rank is very simple!

Get a high authority guest posting service for high PR backlinks from high DA + Trustflow sites for

Niches such as News, Media & Information | BusinessFinancial | Technology | Science | Sports | Travel & Lifestyle | Entertainment – with our system we can be able to get your article approved on these following sites, guest posts were submitted via press releases

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Why your site needs these High DA+Trustflow Guest Posts?

  1. They are extremely high authority News, Media & Information | Financial | Technology | Science | Sports | Travel & Lifestyle | Entertainment sites
  2. It is getting 1.5M potential traffic from search engines
  3. You will get contextual do follow backlink from News & Medias sites like Reuters.com & ABC News, Leading Financial & Business sites like Siliconinvestor.com & Wallstreetselect.com and etc.
    • (e.g. https://www.reuters.com/brandfeatures/venture-capital/article?id=33169)
    • (e.g. http://www.abc6.com/story/37961961/news)
    • (e.g. http://thenumbers.marketplace.org/publicradio/news/read/36125101)
    • (e.g. http://markets.siliconinvestor.com/siliconinvestor/news/read/36125101)
    • (e.g. http://investor.wallstreetselect.com/wss/news/read/36125101)
  4. We will write one(1) SEO optimized article with LSI keywords on it.
  5. You will get one(1) HD Explainer Video that will be included in the Guest Post (e.g. https://youtu.be/bIInY9tOOus)
  6. And finally, no one will give this high-quality guest post at this price!

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Please note: THIS IS NOT A PBN, and I suggest to never used PBN or Private Blog Networks because these days this method is categorically against Google Guidelines which may more likely to hurt your site rankings.

What we need from you:

  • 1 URL
  • 1 Keyword ( You can submit up to 3 keywords, but based on our experienced using only 1 will be more beneficial and gives a higher chance rate to get approved)
  • Contact Info
  • Name of Business or Organization
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

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Our Guest Posts Press Partners

Guest Posts Press Partners



List of Niches Available:
News, Media & Information | Business | Financial | Technology | Science | Sports | Travel & Lifestyle | Entertainment

We don’t accept:

  • Sexually explicit/adult
  • Gambling
  • Loans
  • Racial issues
  • Political opinions
  • Religious opinions
  • Sex-related/ Sex-related sickness
  • Escort services
  • Adult products
  • Scams or Scam related products
  • Health claims or products like health supplements & pharmaceuticals
  • Firearms
  • Free Movie Streaming Sites
  • Games hacking

6 reviews for Get Listed on 300+ Do-Follow High DA Trust-Flow Guest Posts via PR

  1. Amy Armstrong

    AG Digitals did a fantastic job radically revamping my company website and logo. Thanks to their insightful guidance and expertise in design and web development, I now not only have a fresh, energetic look that better represents the culture of my expanding business but a highly functional site with a significantly increased conversion rate. Hats off to Two Hats! Thanks, Adrian

    Amy M.

  2. Larry Kregs

    I participated in a master mind group with Adrian of AG Consulting. I got so much out of it that I decided I wanted his support taking my business to the next level.

    Adrian offers the best of yin and yang in a business coach and marketing consultant. He has been able to clearly hear and respond to my stated concerns and goals and offer solutions and perspectives that not only feel deeply aligned with my soul’s purpose but also cut through the bullshit that I occasionally lay in my own way. He is both intuitive and attuned while also direct, motivating and clarity-producing.

    I feel like my business and my spirit are in very good hands.

  3. Mandy Kosh

    AG developed our website, our entire experience has been amazing:
    1. From the first meeting with the team and Adrian asking us questions and helping us with define our brand.
    2. Our project manager and developer, has a great communication style and kept gently prodding us along. We made his job as difficult for him as possible by dragging our feet and generally being slow to respond – our bad. He and Jake are great problem solvers, for example, we were not ready to redevelop part of our old site, they came up with a seamless strategy to bridge the new to the old.
    3. Our designer has a great eye, when we shared the new site to our internal staff oooohs and awwwws were heard through California. The use of imagery and overall design definitely exceeded our expectations.
    4. One of our highest priorities was that our new site was designed in a way that our internal staff could update content easily in-house. We are really pleased with the outcome, the team did their best to keep this goal at the forefront of the design and development.
    5. Jake the developer provide clear training and documentation and is incredibly patient with our questions.
    6. Lastly, the only challenge of working with the folks at Two Hats is you want to come up with another project right away so you can keep working with them, they’re so pleasant to work with. I’m looking forward to Phase 2!

    As of this review date, we have not gone live yet (definitely us, not them thing), but check us out in a day or so!

    We love our new website!! Thanks AG!!

  4. Berny G.

    I approached AG when I wanted my company’s website built. After just a few minutes talking with Adrian I knew I wanted his input on my marketing plan as well. I bought a package including complete site building paired with marking consulting. We talked on skype about what my business does, what we want to do, who our customer avatars are, and what my “Ultimate Package” would be. We then wireframed out what the site would look like and how it would accomplish those goals. Throughout the whole process the folks were insightful, creative, and personally invested in my success.

    It was an absolute pleasure working with AG. I already have in mind two stages of expansion I want to do on my site. I’ve referred him to two other friends, and I’d started talking to AG about launching a digital marketing campaign to show off this work to more people.

  5. Anna Kers

    When I first started my business I kept thinking there was no way I was going to make it through the next month. But then in February 2018 I started working with AG Consulting and that’s when everything began to change. Since then my business has grown by 210%. AG helped me to strategize business objectives, grow my staff, and launch successful marketing campaigns.

    Working with AG has been like having a business partner and a marketing team, where I get to bounce ideas and talk through challenging decisions. Adrian is a smart, critical thinker and a straight-shooter, who’s able to very quickly assess new challenges and suggest strategic solutions. He doesn’t only come up with creatively brilliant solutions, but more importantly, he teaches how to see the problem in a new way in order to come up with your own solutions on your own in the future. He’s helped me so much to grow as a business owner. His guidance has been invaluable and provides me with the peace of mind that no matter what surprise challenges arise (as they always do!) that John and his team are right there to assist me through whatever comes up. I can’t imagine doing it without them.

    They’re the best!

  6. Michael Oswald

    This team makes my site Online presence increased because of their guest posting package, and in turn, whatever is mentioned in the content gets spread out. This, however, comes with a disadvantage as well. At times, negative influence can also arise with such a big online presence and influence but with what they did it seems everything went very nice, now our site is on page 1. Thank you AG!

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